Guide Gender and Aesthetics: An Introduction (Understanding Feminist Philosophy)

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  1. The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Chinese Philosophy and Gender
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We begin with more than a hundred philosophic concepts as they were developed by women from antiquity through the turn of the 21st century. As we regularly update and expand its contents we will begin to provide links to sources where available. This encyclopedia will be accessible for free online, through university libraries world-wide, through national libraries, and in the online collection of the Paderborn University Library Digital Collection through which it is curated.

The Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts by Women Philosophers launches its first body of articles in Every few months we will be adding new articles about concepts developed by women philosophers. The Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts by Women Philosophers is an online open-access platform where precise concepts originating in or significantly advanced by a deceased woman philosopher are given in concisely analytical entries usually in no more than words , written by recognized experts.

The entries pass a blind peer-review in order to be published in the Encyclopedia. Each article will be continuously updated with links to the sources cited by scholars. Those articles, books, etc. The Encyclopedia is fully indexed and searchable by keyword and by unique Digital Object Identifier DOI obtained by Paderborn University so that each entry counts as a refereed publication for the purposes of authors seeking promotion, tenure, academic appointment or funding.

If you think that you might wish to contribute, please see our Articles Accepted, Pending, Desired Page. Do you want to contribute? We appreciate your proposal to the Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts by Women Philosophers, either with a new entry or a correction of an existing one.

The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Chinese Philosophy and Gender

The Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts by Women Philosophers is an online open-access platform where precise concepts originating in or significantly advanced by a woman philosopher are given in concisely analytical entries usually in no more than words , written by recognized experts.

With definitions of sex and gender as a starting point, we blur these contested categories, complicating them with sexuality, race, class, ability, history, and location. Uses primary materials such as diaries, letters, speeches, and artifacts. Themes include family and community formation, social activism, education, paid and unpaid labor patterns, war, migration, and changing conceptions of womanhood and femininity in the twentieth century.

Course topics include: identity and subjectivity; technological activism; gender, race and sexualities; place; labor; ethics; and the transformative potentials of new technologies. Examines how forces such as immigration, colonialism, sovereignty, labor, family, gender roles and relations, community, war, homeland politics, transnationalism, and social movements shaped and were shaped by these women.

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  4. Feminist Aesthetics and Criticism.

Offered: jointly with AAS Critically analyzes multiple arenas of women's movements and resistance. Critically analyzes the modes of thinking, caring, being, and expressing that emerge as a result of the "merger" of these two fields with contradicting views of gender, sex, health, wellbeing, and sexuality. Pays special attention to issues of race, class, gender, geography, and an individual's orientation to the mainstream of her culture. Violence against women explored in the context of societal, political, and state violence. Examines the tensions between activist and academic understandings of the impact of "backlash".

Topics include the role of social class, religion, migration, the Holocaust, and race relations in Jewish women's lives. HART, L. ROSS Cultural examination of images of Native people in cinema and popular culture based on social science writings and films by or about Natives in the United States and Canada.

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ROSS Seminar based on social science writings and biographies written by and about incarcerated Natives and "deviance" in Native communities in the United States and Canada. Students examine gender, race, sexuality, and ability, alongside relevant scientific documents and feminist theory, to better understand both science and fiction through feminist lenses. Topics include the cultural construction of similarity and difference, politics of representation, and political economy of global circulations of people and things. Prerequisite: one level ANTH course. Economic theories of discrimination, human capital, fertility, and intrahousehold resource allocation.

Economics of the family in developed and developing countries. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.

Philosophy (PHIL)

Offered: jointly with ECON Focus on power relations in gendered language use. Extensive study of research based on conversational analysis. Cultural and artistic practices in home and in literary, music, film, spoken word, performing and visual arts. Emphasizes the present crises in thinking about a transnational feminism. Building upon an analysis of racial hierarchies and institutionalized racism, explores strategies used by women engaged in feminist and anti-racist activism.

Uses ethnographies from anthropology and case studies from feminist legal theory. Topics include slave mothers, surrogate mothers, lesbian mothers, transracial mothers, co-mothers, teen mothers. Stresses gender difference in colonial modernity, revolutionary movement, communism, post-socialist market society. Relates modern Chinese women to global flows, new division of labor, local and regional experience. Close readings of selected tales, essays, and criticism. Intimacies and globalization, normality and abnormality, and power and relationships are sites of inquiry into the constitution of "queerness.

Draws from architectural and art history, social studies, design practice and theory, comparative literature, film studies, and queer theory. Offered: jointly with ARCH Testimonial literature, literature and resistance, women's experimental fiction. Offered: jointly with SPAN Topics include: feminist theory and geography women, gender, and the organization of space ; women and urban poverty, housing and homelessness; gender roles and labor patterns; geographies of childcare; and women and urban politics.

Women's History 5, max. Focuses on participation, barriers to participation, and solutions to those issues for women and ethnic minorities in physical sciences and engineering. Offered: jointly with PHYS Draws upon multi-disciplinary scholarship in examination of the media.

  1. Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts by Women Philosophers - History Of Women Philosophers?
  2. Gender and Aesthetics: An Introduction (Understanding Feminist Philosophy).
  3. Data Management in Grid and Peer-to-Peer Systems: Second International Conference, Globe 2009 Linz, Austria, September 1-2, 2009 Proceedings.

Prerequisite: minimum 2. Topics include black women's bodies, black men's bodies, blackface minstrelsy, black queer studies, black power, and black hybridities. Primarily for upper-division and graduate students. Students work independently with a faculty member. Facilitate weekly group discussions, assist with writing assignments, explain course materials. Includes a seminar component linking internship to scholarly literature and small group discussion.

Supports in-depth exploration of social issues and skill development. GWSS History of Feminism 5 Study of feminism from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries in the national, international, and intranational world system, with a focus on imperialism, colonialism, nationalism, and modernity.

Surveys the literature in a global context, supplemented by critical essays and historiographic reviews. GWSS Cross Disciplinary Feminist Theory 5 Raises questions about how feminism becomes theory and what the relation of feminist theory is to conventional disciplines. Readings exemplify current crises in feminism e. Asks how scholarship is related to feminism as a social movement and to the institutions in which we work.

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  3. Advances in Agronomy: 47.
  4. Water dynamics in plant production.

Focuses on how similar objects of study are constituted in different disciplines for feminist scholars. Students design a course, including a daily outline, reading materials, evaluation instruments, course activities, assessment plans. Includes weekly teaching exercises as well as videotaping an actual class. Prerequisite: experience as a TA or equivalent. Priority given to Women Studies graduate students. Students revise a scholarly paper in preparation for submission to an academic journal and provide critical commentary on other students' scholarly work.

Also addresses general and specific issues related to the profession of academic publishing. ROSS Seminar exploring theoretical, methodological, and aesthetic issues when researching documentary film and video projects in Native American communities.

Utilizes readings, screening, discussions, and a major research project to explore issues of documentary representation, ethics, and historiography. First part of a two-quarter documentary production sequence. GWSS The Study of Lives in Feminist Research: Narrative and Visual Approaches 5 Examines the study of others' lives by feminist researchers using ethnography, oral history, biography, photography, and documentary film. Explores the craft, goals, and ethics involved in these forms of representation.

Philosophy (PHIL)

Includes workshop critique of research project in development. GWSS Gender and Sexuality in China 5 Explores gender and sexuality in China's process of modernization, form the late Qing dynasty through the building of the Republic, Communist revolution, and post-Mao economic reform. AHUVIA Delves more deeply into foundational texts of the Bible, Judaism, and Christianity, while paying closer attention to historiographic trends in the field of gender and feminist studies of religion. Particular attention to the concept that gendered identities and spaces are discursively re produced.

Emphasizes recent feminist scholarship that emphasizes difference, as well as the intersections between gender, "race," ethnicity, sexuality, age, nationality, class, and other social identities and divisions. Considers the influence of feminist theory, queer studies, performance studies, and cultural studies on music scholarship.

GWSS Transnational Sexualities 5 Swarr Focuses on transnational processes such as colonialism and globalization, imperialism, and consumerism. Analyzes attempts to both codify and undermine universal queer subjects. Topics include: feminist critiques of classical political economists; inter-war internationalisms, anti-colonial nationalisms and feminisms; feminist development studies; post colonial; ' third world' and transnational feminisms; feminist critiques of globalization, governmentality, and neoliberalism.

Intimacies and globalization, normality and abnormality, and power and relationships as sites of inquiry into the constitution of "queerness. Considers how Chicana feminist theory functions within and between disciplinary frameworks.