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Spiritual thrillers are few and far between on the big and small screens these days, but screenwriter, director and radio personality Russ Parr believes God gave him a story to tell with the film "Hear No Evil. The new film will give audiences a unique approach to faith, when a year-old hearing impaired girl named Shelby Carson suddenly gains the ability to hear after an unexpected accident.

Although she's no longer forced to hear silence because of her disability, she begins to hear messages from God that reveal more than she bargains for about her loved ones and strangers. When Shelby begins to get acquainted with her new auditory sense, she's forced to battle the burden of knowing people's secrets, health issues and unbelief.

Parr, the film's writer and director, has a personal spiritual journey that prompted him to write "Hear No Evil. He recalled a time when his daughter became very ill a couple of years ago, which made him fear for her life. Since Parr's "Russ Parr Morning Show" is syndicated in 45 cities, he used it as a platform to call for prayer and told The Christian Post about the moment that changed his life. I went on the radio and I asked everybody to pray for my daughter," he recalled in his interview with CP. And if there was any doubt, that solidified my faith in God and the power of prayer.

The ordeal inspired Parr to write "Hear No Evil," in order to demonstrate the power of God and prayer.

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This movie has all of the obligatory horror themes; the spooky and grim house, the scary cellar, the squeaky stairs and even the bad flickering lighting. But beyond that there is a sophistication in this story that is reminiscent of early Kubrick and Polanski horror movies that leave you wondering if the nightmares are just external manifestations of the delusional characters.

Noah Wiseman is an amazing young talent, embodying the cute and the creepy elements of Samuel perfectly and Essie Davies is at her best as the pale and exhausted Amelia. This is a really terrifying movie and a feather in Australian cinema's cap for sure, prepare to be disturbed.

However, for the first time in about 20 years I actually got a decent fright, one that made me squeal a little and made my pulse quicken. He keeps this information to himself believing that living at the scene of the crime will assist him with his research for his newest novel. Sinister is a creepy flick that will have you on the edge of your seat. Ethan Hawke portrays the confused and intrigued writer perfectly, and his character is clearly more fleshed out than the ones we usually see in horror, which certainly adds to the overall merit of the movie.

Everyone knows the premise of this story, a girl gets possessed, the ancient evil inside of her then relentlessly tortures her and her family with a circus of vulgarities and barrage of contortions. Easier said then done, as you would imagine, the evil isn't very compliant. In true 70's style horror, this has a slow burning tone that gives you just enough shocks to keep you glued to your chair.

Ellen Burstyn is absolutely amazing as the tormented mother, and her terror seems so genuine that you can't help being sucked into the dark theme of this good vs evil story. It is unsettling viewing at its best and the sounds that come out that little body are hauntingly evil, no real horror fan should miss it, it really did rock the world when it was released and still stands as one of the scariest films that has ever made. Teaming up with a Texan redneck called Tallahassee Woody Harrelson and two gun toting babes Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin they set out for an LA amusement park that is rumored to be 'zombie-free.

A fresh and talented cast really bring a lot of colour and flair to their characters here, and this non-conventional road trip is a really fun romp through the world of the walking dead. The film centres on a young couple named Katie and Micah, who are being relentlessly traumatized by a destructive and dangerous supernatural force in their home. It is the simplicity of this film that makes it so convincing and genuinely shocking. You really do feel like a fly on the wall as you witness a string of events occurring that gradually appear to be escalating in intensity; and the sense of dread is undeniable.

My advise, skip the sequels and just see the original for all of its low budget cleverness and cheap thrills. Guillermo Del Toro crosses a lot of different genres in this series, everything from horror, romance, sci-fi and fantasy to comedy and children's cinema, so if you have kids over 12 in your care, I guarantee that they will love these movies. Hellboy is a fabulously funny character; huge, red, cat loving and fresh outta hell thanks to the Nazis , his one liners and hotheaded antics make for a very amusing romp.

Hellboy is essentially a hero and spends his time protecting the earth from other dark forces, of which there are plenty. Rosemary's Baby is a modern gothic tale, dark and mysterious and set in hip 's Manhattan; this is a film that will get you thinking and leave you thinking long after the credits have rolled. Rosemary and husband Guy are expecting their first child and have just moved into a new apartment. This is thinking man's horror, subtle and disturbing in every way. Unlike so many horror films of the 60's and 70's, this film is not reliant on anything crass or cheap, there is a sophistication in its insidious tone that horror films struggle to match even today.

Mia Farrow is very convincing as Rosemary, her slight frame making her an even more vulnerable target. And Ruth Gordon steals the show as the fast talking oldie Minnie. Not just for horror fans, Rosemary's Baby is worthy cinema for all. This movie is high tension gore-filled horror, less then ten minutes in and it's zombie apocalypse time. Ving Rhames rehashes his ' too tough to talk ' role that he seems to play in every film he is in, and Sarah Polley does a decent job of the unlikely heroine - Ana the nurse.

Slammed by critics upon its release and put up for two Razzie awards, The Shining was clearly a psychological horror well ahead of its time. This Stephen King classic novel, directed by Stanley Kubrick is now widely regarded as a masterpiece of horror; utterly chilling, haunting and gripping in every sense. Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance, a writer that is relocating his wife and son to The Overlook Hotel to care take and write a bestseller, during the Winter shut-off period. Combine that with Jack's extreme cabin fever and you're in for some pretty strange happenings.

As the film progresses we witness the characters falling further and further into madness and despair.

Historical Thrillers | THE BIG THRILL

Suddenly this once beautiful hotel, takes on an ominous and terrifying presence of its own that appears determined to destroy the entire family. Jack Nicholson is so unnerving as the demented father-gone-wrong, this is one husband that no woman would ever want! And Danny Lloyd delivers the ultimate creepy kid performance that will continue to unsettle viewers for years and years to come. The Shining is without a doubt a cult classic that everyone should see, at least once. This is definitely one of the better Tim Burton offerings, partly because of its fabulous '80's special effects, partly because it has a fantastic cast but mostly because its just wacky good fun from start to end.

When a young couple are recently deceased in a car accident, they find themselves stuck in a strange variation of their old lives called the after-life. When some revolting 'living' people take up residence in their home they are forced to enlist the services of a 'bio-exorcist' called Beetlejuice to help drive them away. Michael Keaton owns this movie from start to end as the revolting and yet highly entertaining character Beetlejuice.

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Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis make a cute dead couple and Winona Ryder gives creepy supernatural teen Lydia some real depth. If you haven't seen this classic yet, you really need to. The infected aren't eating people or craving brains, they're just hell bent on making sure that everyone in the world is infected too. Director Marc Forster breaks new ground with World War Z , proving that he is willing to take on any genre, even horror which most directors shun completely.

And he has done a great job of presenting a hardly revolutionary storyline to the audience. This movie's strength lies in its gripping scenarios and intense pace that takes us all around the globe in a quest to find a cure. Brad Pitt is also extremely likeable in his portrayal of the ex-U. Pitt has matured to be both a convincing and compassionate father on screen, which is very hard to pull off well.

Loosely based on the short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, Burton cited the Hammer films of the 's as a major influence in making this film and the old school Gothic horror style really works well here. It is , and the deeply superstitious hamlet of Sleepy Hollow is being plagued by a series of gruesome murders where the victims are discovered decapitated.

Police constable and forensic specialist Ichabod Crane arrives to investigate and soon realises that their murderer is not a man of flesh and blood, but rather an undead headless Hessian mercenary from the Revolutionary War riding upon a massive black steed and searching for his missing head! There is also a lot more going on in Sleepy Hollow than the locals would like Ichabod to know, and the further he delves into his investigations the more disturbing the information becomes in this horror-mystery tale.

This is a charming adaptation of a classic tale and a true Burton beauty. What starts off as a little innocent hocus pocus at a sleepover, gets way out of hand when the darkest of the four girls Nancy Fairuza Balk gets high on her new found power and pushes things to unsettling levels. Before they know it, the girls are conjuring spells and causing effects that none of them has the power to control. Clearly one for the teenage girls of the world, but I did enjoy the depictions of witchcraft and also the not so subtle message about not meddling in other worldly powers.

This is not life changing supernatural viewing, but I did watch it from start to end without getting up or losing interest, so it gets a thumbs up from me. Brothers Michael and Sam relocate to Santa Carla, California with their ditsy single mother to take up residence with their eccentric Grandpa. Eldest brother Michael finds himself entangled with a group of rebellious teenage bikers when he falls for the leaders girlfriend Starr; whilst younger sibling Sam sparks an odd friendship with the Frog brothers, a couple of comic book loving self proclaimed vampire hunters.

What can I say? I still have a soft spot for this movie and probably always will, it takes me back to being 15 again every time that I watch it. These movies play seamlessly together, with the second picking up exactly where the first leaves off, making them a successful duo of films to watch in one sitting; if you have the stomach for it! The story is based around the Lambert family, a family that has members with unique abilities.

Unfortunately, these abilities attract some very unwanted attentions from otherworldly beings. Soon enough things are set in motion for some very frightening encounters with the other side as the Lambert's try to understand just what it is that keeps them dangerously linked to the spirit world.

This is good horror viewing, the suspense is palpable and the story line is intriguing. And there really is a storyline here; which is something missing from a lot of scare based horror. The main roles are consistently played out by quality actors like Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Barbara Hershey giving the whole experience more depth and credibility. In this fast paced and action packed horror we find ourselves in a world rife with a very aggressive and highly contagious virus that is giving people the 'rage' disease. Unlike other plague movies, we actually get to know the origin of the outbreak; not that that seems to be helping anyone though, because four weeks on from initial infection and the entire world is full of blood-thirsty crazies.

The story follows Jim Cillian Murphy who has the misfortune of waking up from his coma on infection day Clearly the world has altered, seeing an empty Piccadilly Circus is certainly not typical; and Jim soon finds that he is again fighting for his life. He joins forces with a small group of survivors in an effort to find sanctuary from the rising hordes. This is gripping and terrifying viewing, the story line is more plausible than most epidemic films which gives it a realistic and sinister edge.

And unlike a multitude of similar films, there is a definitive ending which was much appreciated. Great edgy horror, a must see. When a group of her peers push her too far, Carrie uses her powers to exact revenge. I think that it is Sissy Spacek's riveting portrayal of naive Carrie White that got this movie onto my list, she was even nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award, and she truly owns this film.

The prom scene will go down in history as one of the best known horror scenes of all time, and in it's time it did shocked and frightened people. A word of warning, stay away from the remake or any sequel that is riding on the original Carrie's coat-tails, it's the version or nothing here. But then a friend recommended it to me and I realised that it was directed by Sam Raimi and I thought I'd better give it go.

And it is fair to say that I was unexpectedly entertained and amused by this homage to gross out horror. When young loans officer Christine Brown refuses to give an old woman an extension on her home loan, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. The old hag places a curse upon her which will result in Christine being literally dragged to hell in a few days time, unless she can work out a way to reverse the curse in time. This is pretty tongue in cheek horror, and if you can handle the incredible gross out scenes, then you will have a lot of fun with it.

This movie is now considered to be the best work that Hitchcock ever produced and has been praise as a work of cinematic art by film scholars and international film critics. The film centres on an encounter between an embezzling secretary Janet Leigh and a disturbed motel owner Anthony Perkins named Norman. At the secluded Bates Hotel, things are certainly not as they seem and Norman 's penchant for taxidermy and his relationship with his mother are all pretty odd to say the least.

Black and white can't even hinder the blood red effects of that shower scene! If you haven't been to the Bates Motel yet, you really need to check yourself in, it's a hell of a stay! In his book, Davis recounts his experiences in Haiti whilst investigating the story of Clairvius Narcisse, a Haitian man that was said to have been turned into a zombie by a voodoo preparation of drug-like substances. A successful anthropologist, Dr Dennis Alan Bill Pullman travels to Haiti to investigate a strange voodoo substance that appears to have the power to turn people into zombies; people literally reanimate after being pronounced dead.

However, Dr Alan's questions and demands to test the mysterious powder creates problems with the Haitian authorities and the black magic practitioners, that see him as a threat. I can clearly recall being freaked out by this movie, it is definitely not a good choice for anyone that is claustrophobic.

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With Wes Craven in the directors seat you would expect things to be a tad over the top, but this movie didn't feel fake or fabricated to me, it was actually really well delivered and had an air of reality to it that was actually quite disturbing. I'm not dead! Directed by E. Elias Merhige, the movie borrows techniques used in early silent films to enhance the overall viewing experience, with excellent results. This is a mixture of frightening, compelling and humorous horror storytelling at it's best, and Willem Dafoe delivers an astonishingly good performance as Max Schreck.

It is , and F. Murnau John Malkovich is trying to create the most authentic vampire movie that he can. Murnau employs the mysterious Max Schreck Dafoe to play the lead role of Orlok, knowing full well, that he is in fact, a real vampire. He tells the cast and crew that Schreck is a true method actor, that will only permit filming to occur at night, but when people start to turn up dead, everyone suspects that there is more to Schreck than what they have been told.

This is a great story and a fabulous homage to the visions of F. Murnau's original movie, I enjoyed it for it's integrity and it's absurdity, it's a must see movie for fans of vampire based horror. Based on the Stephen King short story of the same name, is a gripping psychological horror surrounding the eerie goings on in one mysterious and unused room of a hotel. Mike Enslin is a writer who publishes books that set out to debunk supernatural phenomena and hauntings.

He travels to New York to spend the night at the Dolphin Hotel in the infamously haunted room Ignoring all of the managers concerns, intensely skeptical Mike decides that he will take on room , soon realising that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson bring some decent acting chops to the table here, and the overall effect is genuinely creepy and smartly intense. I really enjoyed every heart thumping minute of it, it's a sharp horror movie. An aspiring defense lawyer named Kevin Lomax Keanu Reeves lands the job of dreams heading a high powered law firm for the mysterious and persuasive figure head, John Milton Al Pacino.

However soon after moving to New York to take up his role, his beautiful wife Mary Ann Charlize Theron becomes plagued by nightmares and visions that are warping her sense of reality. Kevin's career and social status is blossoming, and as Mary Ann's state continues to decline, Kevin is forced to address the possibility that Milton and his high powered position could have anything to do with Mary Ann's sudden madness.

This is truly a story about morality and the struggle of the soul, and the obvious references to John Milton's poem Paradise Lost are impossible to ignore. The premise of Milton's poem is about the fall of man and the temptations of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan; and Al Pacino's character is even called John Milton. At one point Reeves even quotes directly from the poem saying "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Lots of dialogue to absorb and some extremely easy to miss imagery that if you pay attention will add a lot to your viewing experience. The Mist is no exception to that fact. A heavy mist rolls into town bringing with it deadly creatures of unknown origins. A father and his young son are holed up, like many others, at a local supermarket where a zealot begins to stir up a commotion and calls for a religious sacrifice. Soon people begin to question whether the biggest threat is inside or outside of the supermarket. With a good mixture of suspense, horror and sci-fi, The Mist certainly has a few good jump scares and gross out moments for fans that like their horror visual.

Michael J Fox is Frank, a man that finds himself with the ability to communicate with the dead after a tragic accident. He uses his unique talents to con money out of the living that are desperate to make contact with their dearly departed or keen to remove an annoying poltergeist. The three ghosts that help Frank with his pursuits add color and comic relief continually throughout the movie and the creepy under-cover FBI agent Milton Dammers played by Jeffrey Combs is quite unsettling with his mutilations and women issues. However, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre began a string of 'rednecks gone wrong' homage movies that are still being produced today, and all of them pale in comparison to the original and only version worth seeing.

A group of friends fall victim to a sadistic and cannibalistic family on their way to a remote homestead, the worst of them being the chainsaw toting nutter Leatherface. Although it was marketed as a true story to increase audiences, this is a completely fictional plot; however, the character of Leatherface and minor details were inspired by the crimes of real-life murderer Ed Gein. It's exactly what you would expect, lots of running and screaming and blood and gore, but it's a classic for sure and if you've the stomach for it, it's a worthy horror watch.

Tastefully recognised in all of it's Gothic glory, this is the truest and most accurate version of Stoker's original Dracula that has been made to date. Coppola really fleshes out the character of Dracula and gives depth to his dark fascination and desire for young Mina Harker. Lawyer Jonathan Harker Keanu Reeves is hired to assist Count Dracula aka Vlad the Impaler in Transylvania with his business affairs, however upon seeing a photo of Harker's young fiancee Mina Winona Ryder , Dracula believes her to be the reincarnation of his long lost love Elisabeta and the wheels are set into motion.

Dracula travels to England in an attempt to seduce Mina with his mystical vampiric abilities, imprisoning Jonathan Harker and taking many other victims in his wake. All of the characters from the novel are played out well here, including Anthony Hopkins' robust portrayal of Van Helsing, Sadie Frost's deliciously evil version of Lucy and Tom Wait's creepy and unsettling Renfield.

But it is Gary Oldman's brilliant deliverance of Dracula that steals the show; displaying all that is beautiful and terrifying about vampires with much flair and vigor. It is only Reeve's that appears to fall short in casting, giving a rather tepid and wooden portrayal of Jonathan Harker, and clearly letting his tremendously strong ensemble cast down. All that aside, the costuming is divine, the Transylvanian castle is creepy as hell, the soundtrack is ominous, the effects are thoughtfully used and whether you like horror or not, this is an epic and classic love story that has been well constructed in every way.

And she is certainly acting her heart out here, adding some very meaty flesh to the bones of this horror-thriller. Written, directed and scored by Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar, The Others won eight Goya awards Spanish national film awards and since there wasn't a single word of Spanish spoken in the film, it became the most unique winner of a Best Film Goya in history.

Devoutly religious mother of two Grace Kidman moves to the English coast during World War II to await news about her husband who has gone missing in action. Her children suffer from a rare photo-sensitivity disease that makes them unable to tolerate direct sunlight. She keeps herself and her children locked away in the house, and shrouded in darkness. Before long, the children claim to be seeing spirits in the house and chilling events start to escalate, making them all believe that something supernatural is at play.

This is really clever horror, rife with suspense and scary dark places, The Others really manages to build tension in a very unsettling way. The story line is very mysterious, and all of the seeming odd occurrences are worth hanging in there for because it has a kicker of an ending. The Cenobites literally rip Frank to bits, however he manages to begin to re-manifest from a drop of blood. Frank's former mistress Julia agrees to try and help Frank regenerate, but it comes at a cost and the Cenobites don't like to let go of their victims.

A series of Hellraiser movies followed this first instalment, but none of them could compare to this initial meeting of Pinhead and his demented demon cronies; it's a must see movie for serious horror fans. A young hospice worker caring for a disturbed patient at a plantation amid the swampy bayous, finds herself entangled in a series of inexplicable and clearly supernatural goings on.

She discovers that there is an old Hoodoo curse at play and seeks to uncover the mysteries surrounding the plantation's dark past and the character's hidden secrets. It actually has an epic cast including Peter Sarsgaard, John Hurt, Gena Rowlands and Kate Hudson, who all do a reasonable job of their roles, but never really seemed fully committed. Overall I feel that it's strengths outweigh it's flaws, it's a worthy horror watch. For that reason, the first one is the only one you need to bother with, and definitely stay away from the American version called Quarantine, which vastly pales in comparison to this original Spanish version.

A television reporter and her cameraman follow some emergency workers into a quarantined building in the hope of scooping a story, but what they encounter is way more than they were bargaining for. Yes, there are subtitles to contend with; but seriously, this movie is not relying on extensive dialogue to deliver it's scary and unsettling message. It is filmed with a hand held camera, which really adds to the overall effect and realistic energy of the movie, so as long as you aren't put off by camera shake, you will enjoy it.

Thriller, Egypt (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

Don't be deterred, this movie is worth the effort, it's a corker of a horror film. A true B Grade horror, directed and written by Paul Andrew Williams, this low budget film has a lot of laughs and a lot more tomato sauce blood spatter effects. David Andy Serkis and Peter Reece Shearsmith are a pair of second-rate criminals that have hatched a scheme to abduct a crime lord's daughter and hold her up for ransom.

However, Tracey turns out to be quite a handful and their plan fails dismally. Many people are fascinated by fiction and inextricably trapped, and so did I. Since my youth, I had enjoyed reading love stories. Due to the influence of them, I often dreamt of one day finding the true love of my own. In the end, we got divorced. Afterward, I was confused and empty, having no idea what to pursue after. Without a goal and direction in life, I filled the void in my heart by reading books. But I never wanted to read love stories again. And I felt that love stories were less thrilling than horror fiction, so I enjoyed reading horror fiction, by which I numbed myself and filled the void deep within my heart.

I was so absorbed in the fiction that I just wanted to read on without eating, drinking or doing anything. Especially when I read the most thrilling part, I was anxious in my heart as if I had been a member of the characters who were in danger, and also worried about the protagonist, and wondered whether the protagonist was out of danger and what happened next.

The vicarious excitement made me feel excited and want more. As a result, I became more and more addicted to horror fiction. Because I constantly stayed up late for reading and did not eat regularly, for a long time my head was dizzy and I felt as though I was going to fall on the ground at any time when walking. For this reason, I had to give up my job and rest at home. I realized it was because I was too addicted to horror fiction, but I could not stop myself from reading them. Besides, I got more and more cowardly. Despite knowing that I was scaring myself, I still felt creepy.

After I put several nightlights in my room, I felt a little safer. However, it did not completely dispel the fear from my heart. After remarrying, I had a baby so I had more housework to do.

THE SPIRITUAL LIFE by Andrew Murray - FULL AudioBook - Religion, Christianity, Spirituality

In addition, my baby cried more. Consequently, I had little time to read horror fiction, which resulted in my temper growing worse and worse. I ignored him. He asked me what happened to me. I said that our baby drove me to distraction. In fact, it upset me that my reading was disturbed. After a while, coming home from work, my husband only played with our baby, and we hardly talked with each other except that we needed to handle some matters.

My husband was at work all day and he only had supper at home. In spite of that, I was unwilling to waste my limited time for fiction on him. I often asked him to buy cooked food for supper or to cook it himself, and even asked him to change his clothes as little as possible. Completely obsessed by thrillers, I thought that nothing except reading was meaningful. Just when I read the most effective part of the novel, my baby cried, which made me very upset.